Are You Wondering Whether to Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

ecigsWhen you go to the Google search engine and type in the search phrase electronic cigarettes, you will get around 6 million search results. This goes ahead to show you how the concept is popular and how it has caught up with the masses. The e cig, as this is commonly known, has been in existence now for about 8 year now and represents a device that aims at giving smokers an option that is safer and healthier. The device is also deemed useful in helping you reduce as well as quit smoking completely. This article seeks to look at this device more closely and what it offers to you as the smoker.

The first e cigs were bulky and not user friendly at all, which made it hard for them to gain wide appeal with smokers. However, with extensive research and further developments, the e cigarette has become more realistic, coming in a size that is similar to the conventional cigarettes

The e cig comes with the full taste of tobacco but devoid of the harmful substances that are seen with conventional cigarettes. This therefore allows you to satisfy your crave without getting the harmful substances into your body. This makes e cigarettes a better and safer option when you desire to smoke as well as kick the habit completely.

Some people wonder how the whole package works. Well, an atomizer, a battery and a nicotine chamber (which is renewable), work as a unit to allow you to hold and smoke the electronic cigarette just as you would a normal one. The cigarette comes full with a mechanism that emits a smoke-like vapor that mimics traditional cigarettes. The e-cigs also glow at the end of the stick as you draw on it.

Using e-cigs and Simply eLiquid makes quitting smoking is easy. The nicotine chamber is equipped to hold a wide variety of cartridges. These cartridges hold nicotine of different strengths, which permits you to reduce the strength of the nicotine you take in till, as you wish, quit completely. Make sure you consult with the dealer to know what strengths are available and what is suitable for you.

A typical nicotine cartridge will last you the same time that 15- 20 cigarettes last. This thus saves you a lot of cash. The various strengths are no nicotine, low nicotine, medium nicotine, and standard nicotine. Make sure you understand what each holds so that you make a wise choice.

One of the major problems that have been experienced due to the use of normal cigarettes is the issue of passive smoking. Many health organizations have used this to castigate cigarette smoking. However, the introduction of the e – cig has reduced the complaints a lot. This is because the any passive smoking is eliminated when it comes to electronic cigarette use. This makes e cigarettes more socially acceptable and appropriate. In fact, you can now comfortably puff away on your cigarette in a bar or movie hall without fear of being thrown out.

Many companies had put a smoking break in their daily schedule just to allow employees who smoke some time to rush out and have a drag on their favorite cigarette. This becomes difficult and complicated during winter or when it is raining. The e cig allows you to stay in your office and enjoy your smoking hassle-free. This is beneficial in two ways: first, the company gets more time out of you, thus more productivity and second, you also get to enjoy your cigarette in a comfortable place.

When you look at the points in this discussion, you find that the electronic cigarette gives you a healthier, environmentally friendly, and cheaper alternative to smoking. However, you need to work with an established electronic site to get genuine products. Try us to get what you need that is of high quality.

Facts About E-Cigs

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e-cig-vs-cigThere are many people who have made the choice to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. The reason for this is that they believe it is better for their health. There is no tobacco present in electronic cigs and the nicotine contained in tobacco is what makes traditional cigarettes addictive. Instead, you will find a mechanism that heats the liquid in the chamber. This turns the liquid into a vapor which is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker.

Electronic cigarettes from CloudCig have the same design as traditional cigarettes, however there is one distinct difference – you do not need matches to use the device. Instead, these items contain a battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge that holds the liquid nicotine. All that is required is for you to puff in the same manner as with a traditional cigarette, the liquid then heats up and is converted into a vapor which is filled with nicotine. The inhalation and exhalation process is the same as with a traditional cigarette.

This not only looks like you are smoking a traditional cigarette, but there is no smell at all as nothing is actually burning. It is possible to obtain the same level of nicotine with an e cig as you would with a traditional cigarette. The nicotine level depends on the choice of cartridge as the strengths are varied.

Some cartridges contain the same nicotine levels as traditional, light or ultra light cigarettes. There are cartridges available that do not contain any nicotine. This is suitable for people who like the idea of smoking, but do not want to experience the effects of nicotine.

If you wish to obtain something different, you can opt for flavored cartridges. The available flavors range from caramel to bubble gum.

The opinions of health experts are divided regarding the safety of the liquid present in electronic cigarettes. Many are of the opinion that further studies should be done to determine the effects of inhaling the liquid nicotine. However, many of these experts promote the benefits linked to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.