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Something About Us And E Cigarette Reviews

electronic-cigaretteI have been smoking ever since I was a teenager. That is almost thirty years ago. I am in my forties now, and I have a have a bad smoking habit. My wife has been trying to get me to quit. I have tried patches, chewing gums, and even hypnosis. Those things worked for a while, but then I went back to smoking.

A friend of mine who is also a heavy smoker told me about how he started smoking e cigarettes. He has been doing some research for e cigarette reviews, and he found a website that contained a lot of good information. One thing about us heavy smokers is that we need a lot of motivation to quit.

My friend said that the reviews on e cigarettes helped him understand what e cigs are all about. Apparently, they are a cleaner kind of smoke, and there is really no smoke involved because e sigs run on water vapors that have your flavor of choice. It has just enough nicotine to satisfy that craving. The good thing is that the smoker won’t be inhaling carbon. I know my lungs must look terrible after smoking cigarettes for thirty years. E cigs do not have those effects that regularly cigarettes have on a person because nothing is burned. The vapors evaporate.

My friend referred me to a supplier of e cigs. I got an email that said “learn more about us” by going to their website. Since quitting smoking had been a struggle for me, perhaps smoking different and more clean will help my health. When I told my wife about e cigs, she seemed to think so. After I try some, I might write some e cigarette reviews myself and tell people about my experience.